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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Baseball 2022

Baseball legend Satchel Paige warms up for his start with the Kansas City Athletics in 1965 for his final appearance in the Major Leagues in 1965. He held the Red Sox scoreless for 4 innings, a remarkable outing for someone 59 years old.

To paraphrase Hank Williams Jr., are you ready for some baseball? The TNB Over-50 Baseball League is accepting applications for the 2022 season. The online portal is active and may be found by following this link: TNB2022 playball

This is the 8th year for TNB+50.

For newbies, we are the league in Western Massachusetts for older players who want to keep playing. You are good to go if you are over 45 years old. You need to be 50 to pitch. We use wood bats, 90-foot diamonds, and follow MLB rules with the exception of free substitution and everyone hits.

We started out as 3 teams but have since doubled in size to 6 teams. It's one game per week, either Wednesday or Thursday, at fields in Hampshire and Hampden counties. The league is open to men and women of all abilities, and the games are both friendly and competitive. We are good baseball, just a little slower from what you remember. The season this year is 12 weeks, followed by the playoffs.

The registration deadline is March 15, and slots go quickly. Do. Not. Wait.

Circling back to Satchel Paige, it was he who famously said "Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter."

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